Project updates

This page presents the latest status updates from the project.

The standardisation work

Specification is found here.

Date Update
2020-02-12 Thank you for your comments on the draft!

The comments provided resulted in no major changes in the functionality of the specification, but a few tweaks:

  • For the claim pins, the properties name and value are replaced by alg and digest, respectively, to show the purpose of the claims correctly.
  • organization_id is removed from the specification (will be included in a federation specific profile for Kontosynk instead).

Coming up is the finalisation of a 1.0 version draft to proceed with in standardisation.

2019-12-12 Draft published for comments here! Please read and submit your comments before 2019-12-18.

Latest updates:

  • Skolfederation now includes a federation based on the Federated TLS Authentication specification, Kontosynk, and the production environment is live.
  • The following are updates to the specification:
    • cache_ttl element is introduced in metadata, defining how long (in seconds) every consuming party is allowed to cache the metadata. Effective TTL is the minimum of cache_ttl and HTTP Expire.
    • version element is introduced in metadata, defining the version of the metadata schema.
    • Added further descriptions and examples to the metadata schema.
  • nameis removed
  • tags are introduced to describe functionality of the server
  • organization is introduced for declaring an entity’s organizational affiliation
  • description is introduced for describing the server
  • The following metadata signature protected headers are REQUIRED
    • alg (Algorithm)
    • iat (Issued At) – added
    • exp (Expiration Time)
    • iss (Issuer) – added
    • kid (Key Identifier) – added

Development of library

EGIL SCIM Client is found here.
Library for federated TLS authentication is found here.

Date Update
2019-02-13 The library has been delivered but further updates will be included as seen fit in regards to changes to the specification.
2019-12-12 The library now supports entity server discovery based on tags.
2019-09-26 The library conforms to the specification at the time of writing. The development is paused until changes are made to the specification.

Pilot activity

Date Update
2019-02-13 The pilot part of the project is officially completed, and the pilots are handed over to Föreningen Sambruk to proceed with remaining tasks not completed within the project. Thank you to all parties for your cooperation and feedback throughout the project!
2019-11-27 Both Alléskolan and Mjölby have successfully transferred test information to Gleerups.

Before a connection to the production environment, Alléskolan will do some work on the source data for users.

Mjölby awaits resolution to SS12000 questions before continuing the project.

2019-09-26 Alléskolan and Mjölby kommun are confirmed pilots for the project. They will test the federated TLS authentication technology in EGIL SCIM Client. The project proceeds with installations of the client and identification of service providers that are ready or soon-to-be ready for SS12000 transactions in Kontosynk.